Completed Projects

Here’s a few completed projects of mine that fall within the ‘educational’ category.

Language Courses

Master Sentence Diagramming

This one’s in English, hosted at, click on the image to have a look, and for some free sample lessons.
(The link gives you the course for only $9.99, you are welcome ;))

5 Minutos al día para mejorar tu inglés: para gente ocupada

I have completed several iterations of other courses, but… they are not as yet available publicly online.

Completed Audiobooks and Shorter Works

The Kuyper Foundation

The Politics of God and the Politics of Man

Common-Law Wives and Concubines

Post-Hippocratic Medicine: The Problem And The Solution – How The Christian Ethic Has Influenced Health Care

The Christian Philosophy of Education Explained

The Christian Passover: Agape Feast or Ritual Abuse?

The Problem of the Gifted Speaker

Political Economy of a Christian Society

The Nature, Government and Function of the Church: A Reassessment

Christianity and Law

Biblical Blueprints Series

Bible Acrostic: An Aid to Memorizing the Content of Every Chapter of the Bible

Universal Suffrage: A History and Analysis of Voting in the Church and Society

Seeing History With New Eyes: A Guide to Teaching Providential History

Torture: A Biblical Critique

Seven Biblical Principles That Call For Infant Baptism

The Problem of Evil: A Dialogue

Prayers for Spiritual Warfare

How to Deal with Objections to Inerrancy

Bible Acrostic: An Aid to Memorizing the Content of Every Chapter of the Bible

An Hour of Prayer: A Practical Guide to 12 Kinds of Prayer


Intellectual Schizophrenia; Culture, Crisis and Education

Law and Liberty

The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum

Gary / Freebooks

The Children Trap

Who Owns The Family? God Or The State?