About Nathan Teacher . com

The Goal of NathanTeacher.com

I want to help motivated learners to learn their target language quickly and well, without spending any more than necessary.

At the moment I teach both Spanish and French to native English-speakers, though I am teaching presently teaching myself Italian, and want to learn Portuguese in the New Year.

Who is Nathan Teacher?

Nathan teacher is yours truly, Nathan Conkey. I was dubbed ‘Nathan Teacher’ while teaching English as a Second Language in Bucheon, Korea. I have been teaching English for about seven years now, first in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, Bucheon, Korea, and Puebla, Mexico.

I know what it is to have to learn another language, on my own, or with all the support of a language school. I know a little of what it is to live in foreign cultures, and want to bring that experience to help others who are planning to relocate, or even just visit, a French-speaking or Spanish-speaking country.