You have to love the process in order to be a better anything. Doing a daily video-review forces me to reflect and review what I’ve been doing, which helps me enormously in the journey to actually, really, help real-life people learn their target-language faster and better.

I made so many mistakes, repeatedly, that I can hardly count them all, but, here there are.

Can they spit when spoken to?

You have to prepare the learner to produce on the spot, without looking at their notes, as they would have to in normal communication.
Need to work on visual / audio cues for the learner to produce.

You don’t really know how to, for example, conjugate the imperfect tense in the three conjugations of Italian, unless you have repeated it until it becomes part of you so you could dream them backwards.

Integrated Structured Practice

If you really want to teach someone a language in a course, you have to integrate structured practice, which demands production of the unit of language knowledge they need to learn between three and seven times.

Meticulous Record-Keeping

If you aim to repeat each language-point three to seven times, you have to

  1. Have a record of each languge point, and
  2. Note down how often it is repeated.

Save the Student Time, Make the Course Longer

A language course which takes twenty-times less time to finish than another course does not save the student any time if it does not, finally, enable the conscientious student to be able to communicate in their target language.

How to Fail; Be a Selfish Pig

I was profoundly selfishly ‘phoning it in’ for the last two courses I did.
I was not thinking about the students, I was thinking about this course helping me to be a better teacher, and learn more about French or Spanish.

So, let’s do this tomorrow, and do it a little bit better.