Where are the Covenant Curricula?

English-speaking Christian parents have a dozen or more Christian curricula to choose from, but to what extent are these curricula informed and directed by the central fact of The Bible, the covenant? How many curricula even acknowledge the existence and abiding validity of the covenant? That has to change.

Modest Aims

My aims are simply to learn the covenant, and share what I’ve learnt with others.

  1. The first step is to use Michael Elliot’s amazing ‘Bible Acrostic: An Aid to Memorizing the Content of every Book of the Bible’ to afford a working overview of the Bible.
  2. The next step is to gain a working knowledge of the covenant(s) of the Bible; their terms, nature, and laws, making my conclusions available as some sort of course.
  3. Study the internal history of the Bible as it concerns nations and empires, their rise and decline according to the terms of the covenant. A covenant Bible-history would then be created out of my reading.
  4. The same treatment would then be given to selected families/individuals again in terms of the covenant of God.

I have no timescale for this, just a commitment to give two hours to the work, six days a week. I will inform you regularly of my progress with this covenant curriculum project.