Sovereignty, R.J. Rushdoony, Audiobook

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From the book’s Foreword.

What is he saying here? That too many modern churchmen are not champions of freedom because they place man under the state, or under nature, rather than under God. In a word, modern compromised Christendom co-opts false sovereignties. To do so, it must deny the total lordship of Christ over everything He hath made. The compromised church then enables the state to regulate, and finally coerce and persecute, faithful Christians who insist that Christ is Lord: that Christ is sovereign and the state and church are not.

John Owen put his finger on the reason for this kind of defection back in 1652, addressing the text of Luke 17:20 and the invisible sovereign Kingdom of Christ described therein. He held that such declension from Biblical faith arose when men “have been so dazzled with gazing after temporal glory, that the kingdom which comes not by observation hath been vile in their eyes.” Men want to walk by sight: they want a God they can see, and so they’ve graduated from golden calves to modern power states. The God who dwelleth in unapproachable light, who exercises sovereign control by a single overarching decree over all time and space, has become the stone the builders have rejected.

That stone shall nonetheless become the head of the corner. This volume faithfully proclaims the Biblical faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and alerts us all to the ever-widening consequences of the social outworking of Genesis 3:5 at the individual and corporate level. As Rushdoony observes, “The same battle is again being waged, but all too many churchmen are on the wrong side.”

— Martin G. Selbrede

Get two free Rushdoony audibooks? Click here to see if you’re eligible.