Complete Works of Rushdoony, Audiobook Project

by | Feb 5, 2021

What a great debt we all owe to the faithful, diligent labours of brother R.J. Rushdoony! How prescient and indeed prophetic have all his works proved to be, even those penned fifty and more years ago seem to be commentary on today’s news headlines. This man was surely a gift to The Church!

I have narrated thousands of pages of Rushdoony on a voluntary basis, but have been narrating on a professional basis, with the cooperation of Grace Community School in Naples, Florida, and the Chalcedon Foundation for around six months. We have made quite some progress, and are at the half-way mark, probably.

Let me cordially invite you to support this project, and help me create the highest-possible quality recording I can manage, to glorify God as much as I can, to the end that His Kingdom be built ever-deeper and wider.

I would like to further upgrade my narration through professional tutoring, and purchase of superior recoding equipment, and continue to stream the videos of the recordings, and safeguard the recordings in backup storage.

Books Yet to Record