British Evangelicalism, The Dark Brigade, and why the ‘Heathens’ See More Clearly

by | Jan 26, 2022

Evanglicals; The Good Guys, Par Excellence!

Evangelicals are the good guys. They believe in the Bible. They believe in salvation by grace through faith. They are the ones who believe in Biblical inerrancy, unlike those unwashed modernists. They believe in the Bible, plus nothing! Unlike those rascally Roman Catholics, with their slavish adherence to Papist edicts. Behold! The good guys!

Westminster, We Have a Problem!

The problem is their performance during ‘the Covid troubles.’ The Bible says ‘do not be conformed to this world,’ literally, ‘do not be pressed into the mould of this world.’ Yet, it seems that the churches and their congregations have never been so happy as when they are conforming to the worldly state and its covid regulations. They closed their churches, preempting the state. They insisted on hand purificatory rites by the administration of holy hand sanitiser before the world did. They wear their face masks when they are told to by the state. If the state tells them not to go to church, by golly they are going to go to church! If the state tells them not to sing, by Moloch sing they will not!
Outsiders have to realise that ‘going to church’ was, for the majority of evangelical churches, something akin to the only meritorious work, and a kind of third sacrament, all rolled into one. If anyone had suggested that a government edict forbidding church attendance would have been obeyed without the slightest peep of disapproval, or, even more improbable, that the churches would have closed their own doors, you would have called that heathen a fool.

Add to this readiness to be moulded, and complete adherence to a regulation which overturned millennia of unbroken church attendance overnight, their attitude towards the vaccine, and you have an apocalyptic unveiling of ‘Leah’ instead of ‘Rachel,’ or, better, one of the camels that Jacob initially met at the famous watering hole.

To run over briefly Biblical problems with vaccination, for purposes of emphasis;
The 6th Commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill,’ is the key. The fact that all the jabs made available in the UK used foetal tissue in their research and production?, the jabs are ruled out straight away. Add to that the fact that, once it became clear, very early on, that the jabs were causing otherwise healthy people to drop dead, the 6th commandment raises its head again. To take something that has a chance of killing you, would be toying with self-murder. Even self-harm is ‘on the spectrum’ of self-murder, and is a defiling of the temple of God, the flesh. Anyone with an elementary knowledge of the Bible, who has got as far as the 6th commandment, could see, from a country mile off, that vaccines were not ‘Christian kosher.’ Given this obvious and elementary, and utterly binding prohibition on taking the vaccines, why were so many praying for a vaccine? Why did they thank God for the vaccine, advocate their adoption from the pulpits and press of the denominations, and even turn sanctuaries into vaccination centres?

The problem is, very simply that the contemporary evangelical church bears as much resemblance to the faithful churches of a couple of hundred years ago, than a camel has to Rachel, the wife of Israel.

The Astounding Un-Shineness of the British Evangelical Churches


“Ye are the light of the world…”

Got it? We have to be shiny, as individuals, and as a holy nation, as individual Christian assemblies. What does that mean? For one thing, it means you can see! The blindness of ‘the best’ churches has been utterly startling! The New Agers can see more clearly than they can! So can that gypsy boxer-guy! What on earth is going on?

What the light means…

In the longest ‘chapter’ of the Bible by number of verses, the longest song, we have a ‘love song’ to God and His Law. If you’re an evangelical reading that, you probably winced, spat out your Ribena, or wrote me off as a heretic. In one of the most famous verses of the whole Bible, in verse 105, we read;

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

‘Word,’ here meaning ‘law,’ God’s law. The law provides a vision, a vision of what’s right and what’s wrong. Which path to take, and which to avoid. In Matthew 5, where Jesus, as the greater Moses, is constituting a new people, for his renewed covenant, makes allusion to Israel’s task, bringing light to the nations, and commissions his children from all nations to do the same. So what?! So, the light which we are to bring to the world, is inseparable from God’s moral nature, found in The Law of God. So what!? The church’s blindness is entirely due to its complete and absolute and total rejection of God’s law.

Light? Never heard of it! 

‘Word,’ here meaning ‘law,’ God’s law. The law provides a vision, a vision of what’s right and what’s wrong. Which path to take, and which to avoid. In Matthew 5, where Jesus, as the greater Moses, is constituting a new people, for his renewed covenant, makes allusion to Israel’s task, bringing light to the nations, and commissions his children from all nations to do the same. So what?! So, the light which we are to bring to the world, is inseparable from God’s moral nature, found in The Law of God. So what!? The church’s blindness is entirely due to its complete and absolute and total rejection of God’s law.

Not only are they very definitely content-less and light-less, but to make any mention of the Law of God as a moral guide to direct our own present actions, let alone the actions of the state, is to elicit;

  1. Confusion – “the what of who?
  2. Disdain – “This is a Christian church, not an episode of ‘Handmail’s Tale’?”
  3. Horror – “y u believe in salvation by works?”
  4. Derision – “y u polish brass on ship what is sinking?”

 You could add, hatred, ire, sneering contempt, and all their synonyms. Not only are the churches content-less and light-less, as regards the Law of God, and any doctrinal content that would shed ‘light’ on the present darkness, they are, being anti-nomians, anti-light. Evangelical vampires? Possibly.

Darkness – The Triumph of Evangelical Theology

Todays’ Britain is not a disaster for The Evangelicals at all, it represents their victory! They lament the confused landscape, the sexual excesses, and all that blue hair dye, but, it is their utopia. Why? Simple! Because the goal of ‘separating religion and politics’ has finally been met. The problem started, for the evangelicals, when the first missionaries came, and talked to the chieftans, and persuaded them to convert to The Christian Faith, and have their clan baptised. You see, that is mixing religion and politics. De-converting the nation has been long and hard, it has taken many generations of sloughing off various ‘worldly’ duties, Christian education, the care of the poor, election-day sermons, all that dross! But, they have arrived! England and her dependencies are finally dechristianised, no politician ever has the slightest care as to what God may say about their government department, and, if he did care to know, the clergy would be wholly unable to make them any the wiser.

The clergy won in the churches, that is sure. I was at a wedding recently, and I could tell the churchgoers from the non-churchgoers by their mask rituals. On, off, on, put the mufflers on for singing, because Romans Thirdtean says so, and the like. But outside the chruches, trouble was brewing in the background.

British Culture – Disturbingly Christian

Radical, dangerous teachings, continued to circulate, beyond the reach of the clergy and the evangelical paperback book writers. The leaven of The Bible was too thoroughly worked into the dough of the culture. How could anyone hope to read Shakespeare without imbibing something of a Biblical worldview. History was too strewn with grown men taking The Christian Religion all too seriously. Mothers, without the benefit of a Bible School education, would tell their children ‘it’s a sin to tell a lie,’ ‘righteousness exalteth a nation,’ and other radical Taliban-like phrases. A named clergyman scheme would have quenched those little brush-fires of truth, but there was never the manpower to explain to every child how the Bible really doesn’t mean what it says.

The people who walk in darkness have seen a faint light

What was the fruit of all this careless scattering about of the seed of truth, the moral law of God amongst those beyond the reach of the ‘spiritualising’ influence of the evangelicals? Confronted by the horrors of the great lockdown, the vaccination to end all vaccinations, these unchurched, non-Christian folks, educated enough to know right from wrong by their early exposure to The Word of God and its brightness, saw the murder, realised its horrible wrongness, and, even with their guttering candles of truth, were ‘enlightened.’ Many started ‘calling on God’s name,’ albeit in rather distant, unclear ways. Calling good, “good” and evil, “evil,” is, at heart, a theological and a Christian endeavour. Some intellectuals, faced with this evil, started breaking the taboo by writing and making mention in speeches of ‘Christianity,’ ‘The Christian Faith,’ ‘Religion,’ and its relevance, and even necessity for our times. Their ‘gut feelings,’ informed by their early schooling, and rearing at home, enlightened their eyes to the devilish, Satanic nature of the threat facing them, and led them to realise the need for a countervailing party, God.

The UK; Upside-Down and Backside Front

So, we have the evangelicals. Anti-content, anti-nomian, anti-light church, which, having no backbone, like evan-jellyfish fit whatever container they find themselves it, who have abandoned their dearest sacrament, church attendance, when the call was made. These are the great zealots for the narrative, the great believers in the state. Who cannot see what is so blindingly obvious to all of us, because they have no light in them, Isaiah 8:20. ‘Light,’ for them is heresy and darkness, ‘Darkness,’ antinomianism, anti-justice is orthodoxy. They bear God’s name, meet in assemblies called ‘Christian churches,’ and yet, are easily ‘out-Christianed’ by the homosexuals (Peter Whittle, Douglas Murray?, David Starkey, Milo (as was))at this point, because of the residual Christianity which still informs so much of the British conciousness.

“To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, [it is] because [there is] no light in them.”
Isaiah 8:20

Be More Like Schlaus Klawb?

I was excited when I first saw Paul Joseph Watson picture the NHS as a golden calf in one of his ascerbic homilies. I had realised some time before that this was the case. Then I heard him mention Jesus Christ, once, and then again and again. I think that you have seen this phenomenon too. Of unbelievers SEEING the issues, and more and more clearly seeing the two sides as being The Devil and God (The Christian God). An echo of the Christian faith is much better than an echo of the state, which is what so many evangelical churches seem to be. But an echo is not enough. We can complain about the coterie of tyrants trained by Klaus Schwab and Henry Kissinger, but they invested time and effort and money to identify talent, and train them, over the long term, for leadership roles. They put in the hard work, and they have pulled off a series of coups like the world has never seen, 1848, but better. They were trained in the articles of faith of humanism, rebranded Satanism, as I like to call it. An echo of the Christian faith will not suffice to counter a militant humanism/satanism.

Ad Fontes!

What do we need? Ad fontes! We need to go back to the sources. Civil liberty as we know it today, knew it? is the result of Christian doctrine on the one hand, and Christian law on the other. The two are separate, but only in the sense that one arm is not another arm, or that a lung is not a foot. They belong together in a living body politic. The evangelical churches will not train us in the arts of liberty, the true liberal arts. We must train ourselves. This will mean study, and it will mean instruction. It will mean time spent, and money spent. It will mean investing for the future. Not for a dystopian theocracy, we live in a dystopian theocracy, with bureaucrats for our gods, but, as was Tyndale’s vision

“This Bible is for the Government of the People, by the People, and for the People.”

M.U.K.B.A – Make the U.K. British Again!

This is the true heart of what it means to be British. British liberty hangs on Bible literacy. The Bible is not a magic book, it is not a feel-good book, it is not just a church-book, it is not a source of trivia, it is a living book, by a living God, written for a people who would be free. There is no Deus-ex-machina magic that will ‘izzy-wizzy let’s get busy,’ magic us into a utopia. Have you read the Bible, it is a very un-utopian book. It’s promises, however, in its eternal covenant are made for real people, and real nations facing real problems. Slogans won’t do, political saviours won’t cut it. We need to be what we made to be, British! Let’s not do it half-heartedly, though.The Queen may have lost the plot a long time ago, we need a rightful King, King Jesus. We don’t need a powerful institutional church, we need strong individuals, and strong communities, we need The Christian Faith, we need a real saviour! The Devil is on the prowl, we need The Saviour.