A Modest Proposal for Progress in the Eye of the Storm in Occupied U.K.

by | Jan 25, 2022

The civil government is a sword-institution.
It cannot transcend its God-given nature as a sword-bearer. (Romans 13)
Everything the civil government touches, sooner or later takes on the nature of a sword, a little stabby sword, a pin prick, a razor blade, or a great big sword for lopping heads.
What is the sword but coercion?

The state is well-nigh omnipresent in our lives, through a multitude of interlocking institutions.
To the extent to which we lean on these institutions for education, healthcare, legal services, etc. we are subject to the coercion of those institutions. The total providence/provision of the state equals total coercion.

Law-abiding citizens were never meant to be coerced by the state, only the convicted lawbreaker was to feel the ‘prick’ of the sword.
What to do? How can we beat the guillotines into ploughshares? Is it even our job to do so?
Providence is the key, who or what do you trust to provide all the goods, services, and organisation needed day-by-day?
In the C19th, a patchwork of schools, hospitals, railways, local charities blanketed the land, the C20th saw the patchwork replaced by a duvet. Shiny and fresh for a while, but, itchy and scratchy before long.

Why were the two centuries so different? It wasn’t a natural evolution, a steady upward development. It was, rather, a change in the view of providence in the culture.
The omnipresent God, who, through His Spirit provides all things, to whom we can pray for our daily bread, who is the God who heals, through his body on earth, the church, in the widest sense was able to knit together this patchwork. It was far from perfect, but, it functioned.
With ‘the death of God,’ came another source of providence, the state, god-walking-on-the-earth. Its titanic stature and immanence seemed to offer a better, more rational, more approachable providence. And so, institution by institution, employment insurance, statist healthcare, a growing blanket of regulations and statist institutions fashioned in the steely image of the new deity soon covered the land. And the bodies piled up by the millions, with two world wars, abortion, and other new ways of dying.

We have seen what other generations could not see, in large measure due to our ‘telescreens,’ Telegrams and YouTubes. We are chafing under the coercion, we are fed up of being cut and bled. What are we to do?

The change starts at the core of ourselves and the core of our society, by extension. Over the mountain of death and destruction of the C20th we can see with our mind’s eye a saner world, perhaps. We are amazed at the liberty they had. History does not turn back, but, if and only if we return to the same vision of providence, of an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, providing God, who heals us, and deals with the issue of justice, who is the only one who can fill up the gaping chasm of ennui which seems only to grow wider and deeper, we can shrink the state, by growing ourselves.
The state is a false provider, and a cutting one. God has a very different nature. Notably, He is transcendent, we do not compete for the same space on earth. His gain is our gain, unlike the state, which must always gain at our expense.

We have seen stirrings, murmurings of the return of The King. Douglas Murray, Peter Whittle, Jordan Peterson, James Delingpole, Kanye West, even Tyson Fury, and Milo, the name of God, Christianity, The Christian Faith, is on the lips of more and more people.
We have seen the god-in-my-heart, heaven-when-I-die only Christianity crumble before the state. Evangelicals have been in the vanguard of conformity to the state and its tyranny, totally committed to the earthly providence of the state, and totally unaware, seemingly, of God the provider, the transcendent-immanent God, whom only a century ago, provided so much of the backbone of our lives. The ‘liberal’ Christians are even worse, if anything.

Is hope lost, then, given that both wings of the turkey of contemporary Christianity in the UK are broken, or on upside-down?

No! What we see in this turkey is, in part at least, a state-regulated, state-licensed, state-managed institution. It is Jesus-as-worship-hobby on the one hand, and evolving-humanity-as-Christ on the other. Neither are bona fide. Both need the state to exist in their present form, and have been shaped into their present forms in terms of the growth of the state through the C20th.

There is hope! The wings on the turkey may not function, but God’s arms are as strong as ever. The present troubles, seen in the context of God’s covenant, are not evidence of the strength of Satan, or evil man, or of the weakness of God, but, rather, the absolute fidelity of God to all the promises He has outlined in his eternal covenant, for the nation, not just for the individual.

If we will, as individuals, families, and assemblies, seek out this living God, this covenant God, we can count on Him to be faithful and helps us defeat this present evil, and build a just, abundant and prosperous nation/nations, once more, but we need all of God, and all of His Word to do this. We need all the persons of God, We need The Cross, we need His Law, as the foundation and pillars of our individuals lives, and for the nation’s life.
This is not a punt in the dark for our nations, a new thing, it will be a return home, a recommencement of growth in terms of a very long history of Christendom in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The discontinuity, death, murder, emptiness, heartlessness and dystopia are the province of the godless, the religion of humanism.

Don’t you think it’s time to return home?